When and where the workshops will be held

Sat 28th & Sun 29th of Jul 2018

Sydney CBD

Hilton Sydney

488 George Street,
Sydney CBD, New South Wales

Sat 18th & Sun 19th of Aug 2018


Crown Promenade

8 Whiteman St, Southbank VIC 3006
Melbourne, Victoria

Sat 30th of Jun & Sun 1st of Jul 2018

Brisbane - CBD

Hotel Grand Chancellor

23 Leichhardt St (Cnr Wickham Terrace)
Brisbane, Queensland




Session 1

  • Introduction
  • Benefits for Importing from China
  • Why Using eCommerce is Important
  • The real reason why Importing from China works
  • Picking a Big Selling Product that Keeps On Selling
  • Why Hot Products can send you broke
  • How to create Sustainable income stream
  • How to Create a Hero Product
  • 8 Steps to finding the correct Product to Import from China
  • Break

Session 1

  • The Fool Proof System to Source a Factory in China
  • How to Get Low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)
  • What to look for when visiting Chinese Factories
  • How to complete a Factory Audit
  • How to Negotiate with Chinese Factories
  • Ordering Details that New Importers Overlook
  • How to arrange International Shipping
  • How to create a Purchase Contract
  • How to Ensure Your Products Arrive Safely In Australia
  • How to Avoid Australian Customs Seizing Your Container
  • Which products require Australian Certification
  • What does Australian Certification Cost
  • Do you need Certification for your product
  • Where to directly find information relating to your product
  • Australian Standards
  • Banned for Sale Products

Session 2

  • How to find your Ideal Client
  • How to simplify the Market Research Issue
  • Great Research Tools that will Fast Track your idea
  • How to find a Chinese Factory Online
  • How to Avoid Being Ripped Off on Alibaba.com
  • What Questions to ask a Chinese Factory
  • Communicating Effectively with Chinese Factories
  • How to Make Sure the Quality of Your Future Orders Are Always Consistent
  • How to save thousands of dollars when paying your supplier

Session 2

  • Amazon Masterclass with Sam Patton
  • How to Prepare for the Arrival of AMAZON!
  • How to ensure your products sell on Amazon
  • How to use Amazon FBAj
  • Why

Session 3

  • How to create a website that sells
  • How to Make Sure Your Products Sell at a Big Margin
  • How to use Google Adwords to boost sales
  • Steps that can triple your sales overnight
  • How to get tons of customers to your website
  • Why most eBay sellers don’t succeed
  • How to stand out on eBay and drive sales
  • 10 Tips to creating a successful eBay Empire

Session 3

  • How To Get Around The Canton Import & Export Trade Fair
  • Important cultural differences and How to use them in your favour
  • How to Generate Trust Between you and your Supplier
  • How to become a Preferred client to your Chinese Factory
  • 7 Step System to Creating a Passive Lifestyle Business
  • Importing Contacts You Must Know
  • How anyone in any position can create Financial Freedom
  • Break

Session 4

  • Selling on Facebook Masterclass with Kerry Fitzgibbon
  • Why Social Media is a “Must Do” for any business
  • How to get tons of sales through Facebook
  • How to advertise FREE on Facebook
  • How to Target and Advertise directly to your Ideal Client
  • 10 Top Social Media Tips that will explode your sales
  • How to Follow Your Potential Client on Facebook until they Buy
  • End of Day
  • Networking Event TBA

Session 4

  • How to ensure Positive Cash Flow in an Importing Business
  • What to do Beyond the Workshop
  • How to ensure your business grows
  • What to avoid time wasting and procrastination
  • How to use your time wisely and create passive sales
  • How to benefit from knowing important people
  • How to ensure you keep on track to reach your Financial Goals
  • End of Day


The Importing Club of Australia

“The Importing Club of Australia is growing in reputation in China by offering contacts to Chinese factories without the factory having to pay commission, thus ensuring its members get direct access to Chinese factories with the best possible prices”

The Importing Club of Australia was created in 2010 by founders Ian Schoots and Adam Paterson. In that time the Importing Club of Australia has grown rapidly to include its own office in China solely for the benefit of current members as well as a large network of industry contacts and experts.

The Importing Club of Australia runs free to attend workshops all over Australia for anyone thinking about how to import and to demystify the system of importing from China.

At these workshops the Importing Club of Australia offers paid membership packages that include a range of services to assist anyone safely begin an importing business. Usually there are a couple of different membership options to suit different budgets and business types. There is absolutely no obligation to enroll for membership of the Importing Club of Australia if you attend one of these workshops.

Ian Schoots

Ian Schoots

“After having reached great success in the world of importing Ian decided to try something new and show people how to change their life and find a new exciting direction…

“I was faced with a crisis many years ago after injuring my back playing cricket. I couldn’t work and the bills started to pile up. In the end it forced me to make a change that I have never regretted. I went to China and found a supplier and the rest is history as they say.”

“As you probably already know I have made alot of money importing my own products to sell here in Australia but I wanted to spend more time with my family and my beautiful wife Nana, whom I owe a very large degree of my success to. If it wasn’t for her encouragement I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today. I am totally grateful to have found such a perfect partner in life”

“Another reason is that I want to have a positive influence on people and their lives. I understand the pressure of business only too well.”

“I came up with the idea of the Australian Importing Club one day when it dawned on me that people need an honest organisation that is genuinely trying to make a difference in their lives. So my path has been changed once more and now I educate whoever wants to learn how to change their lives for the better.”“I love it when someone comes to me with a big smile and tells me about how their first container arrived and how exciting it was to unpack it. I love hearing it because I know that feeling and I can see it in their eyes… Business is fun again!”

Adam Paterson

Adam Paterson

Adam began his rapid rise to success at the early age of 18 managing a very busy retail business. Unfortunately, due to the stress of his work and lifestyle his health was affected.

Adam decided that he had to make a change and work elsewhere, which eventually led him into business for himself. Shortly after he joined forces with his close Uncle, Ian Schoots and they successfully began importing their own line of products…

“In just our 6th month we turned over $30,000 purely online. The profit on that $30,000 was $20,000. I had never ever experienced that sort of margin, what a feeling!… I almost felt guilty for making that sort of money so easily.”

“Next we imported some Hair Accessories for my wholesale business. My Gross Profit Margin went from 40% to 60% pretty much overnight, so instead of selling $100,000 worth of stock and making $40,000 I was suddenly making $60,000… per month. So if I was to not improve the sales of the business at all, that’s an extra $240,000 a year”

In 2 years since adding import lines to my business and “on the side” importing ventures I have total financial freedom. My life is balanced between work, family and friends and I travel regularly with my partner. I have time for everyone. I even have time for my passion and play in a professional cover band once a month.“If you asked me how to change your life, especially if you are in a retail or wholesale business already or maybe you simply want to start a business and get out of the rat race…”

Sam Patton

Sam Patton

Amazon Marketing Strategist

Sam is a digital marketing consultant specialising in Amazon. Since 2009, Sam has been in the digital marketing, product design and development industry assisting Australia’s top marketers. He’s worked with some of the largest Amazon analytics companies on the planet and helps importers sell more products on Amazon.

Kerry Fitzgibbon

Kerry Fitzgibbon

Facebook Marketing Strategist

Kerry Fitzgibbon is Australia’s leading Facebook marketing expert. She works with business owners all over the world to help them create scalable, sustainable income streams using Facebook marketing. Her main focus is on using Facebook to make money – not just to make friends.



AIC China Sourcing Manager

With 15 plus years of experience with Chinese Supplier identification, there isn’t much that Jason Li doesn’t know about International Trade. He has a vast knowledge of Chinese Supply Chain and high-quality industry contacts throughout China.
From an early age, Jason has worked for international companies around the world and is now an integral part of the Australian Importing Club managing the China Branch Office. The knowledge and experience Jason brings to all of the Australian Importing Club members are invaluable and he is a very approachable person so there is never a doubt for our members confidently moving forward with the perfect Chinese Supplier.


Brendan Wright

The key message I took away from the workshop, was the fact that there is so much you need to consider when importing! The knowledge I’ve gained from the workshop, was incredible and I really see the benefit and advantage of becoming a member. To those thinking about attending, it’s absolutely worthwhile. I actually consider it a MUST for new importers. Thanks Adam and Ian, it’s been a great 2 days.

Brendan Wright

Cassie Pritchard and Maryanne Day

A brilliant workshop, that covered the important aspects of starting a successful business and how to avoid the pitfalls. The expertise that the presenters provided on importing from China and online selling was invaluable. We found them more than willing to share their knowledge and that there was no hidden agenda. We would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to give themselves every opportunity to be successful.

Cassie Pritchard and Maryanne Day
Warrandyte, VIC

Rose Lyon

I wanted to try something new and different. Also wanted to do something, have a business of my own and be my own boss. This workshop turned out to be very helpful, in providing insight too importing. It provided useful checklists, tips and warnings to watch out for. I found that the information was invaluable and very well presented. I would recommend to anyone thinking about importing to go to one of these workshops. Simply fantastic!

Rose Lyon


What I got from this seminar is the introduction to the importing possibilities from China. I am new to the whole process, and this workshop gave me the insight of where to begin and how to eventually get to the goal of making money from eBay sales. Seminar is worth while attending and would highly recommend it. Thanks!